Mrp screw jacks

MRP screw jacks
type statistic load[kN] data
MRP-26 5 more
MRP-32 8 more
MRP-40 17 more
MRP-63 35 more
MRP-80 50 more
MRP-100 100 more
MR/ŁS worm&screw drives
type static lifting capacity [kN] dynamic lifting capacity[kN] data
MRA-02/ŁS 1.25 0.5 more
MRA-03/ŁS 2.5 1 more
MR-40/ŁS 5 2 more
MR-50/ŁS 7.5 3 more
MR-63/ŁS 10 4 more
MR-80/ŁS 12.5 5 more
Worm-screw drives can be divided into two basic groups:

– screw jacks
   for vertical positioning of objects,
– worm and screw drives
   to move the machine elements in any direction.
Both the screw jacks and screw drives may have
an electrical or manual drive.





They are based on the structure of previously produced MR worm gears.
Reinforced body, thrust bearings and special guides of the bolt carrier have changed the standard drives into professional actuators with capacity up to 5 tons.
MRP screw actuators are produced in four sizes:
MRP-26 with a statical capacity of 500 kg,
MRP-32 with a statical capacity of 800 kg,
MRP-40 with a statical capacity of 1500 kg,
MRP-63 with a statical capacity of 3500kg,
MRP-80 with a statical capacity of 5000 kg;
MRP-100 with a statical capacity of 10000 kg,
in the development there are larger actuators available on request.

Particular sizes are available in two versions:
MRP / SP with brown sliding screw
MRP / SO with a rotary screw and brown sliding flange nut.

The maximum total length of the carrier bolt is 3 m and a maximum lifting speed is 2.6m/min (~44 mm/s).

– Drives of slow-moving elevators,
– Positioning drives for technological equipment units,
– Truck and chimney damper drives and various hoists with low work intensity.

Drives produced by us enable any speed of the weight, not exceeding specified for a given size the maximum speed. They can be made in various special editions such as the unusual motor connection, with an unusual hand drive shaft, the double-side worm , safety nut, etc.
With the new product, such as MRP series, we offer technical advice to optimize the selection for specified by the customer work conditions.

MR/ŁS worm-screw drives

They are made on the basis of MR worm gears with a transfer bushing on the cone bearings (marked ‘ŁS’ in the symbol of transmission). They can be used to shift weight to a distance of 2.8m up to 2.6m/min.
MRP worm-screw drives can carry much bigger thrust loads than standard commercially available worm geared motors with ball bearings.
– Heavy-duty mixer drives mounted directly on the bushing of the gear.
– MRP worm-screw drives version with a cylindrical rotary screw constrained in a gear and with a brown sliding nut made of bronze.





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